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A royal town dominated by two gothic towers forming part of a well preserved town fortification. In the renovated square there is an information center and the Jenštejn House currently hosting the Bohemian Karst Museum. Not far from the square you will find several significant monuments such as Dusl Villa and the St. James’s Church.

Svatý Jan pod Skalou
A picturesque village in the middle of mountains and forests in the heart of the Bohemian Karst offering an abundance of natural scenery and historical landmarks. The village is dominated by a limestone rock named
Křížek that offers a splendid view of the surrounding landscape. ¨

The origin of Tetín, situated on the rock over the Berounka river for over a thousand years, is connected with the name of
Teta, the daughter of Prince Krok and St. Ludmila who died as a martyr here and her grandson St. Wenceslas.

Amerika Quarry

Partially flooded limestone quarry in Mořina. It is possible to view the quarry from an observation platform near the road from Mořina to Kozolupy where a small paring area is available. Even though many legends have been woven around the Velká America Quarry that resembles the American Grand Canyon, its name was derived from the historic method of limestone mining, which took place in this area form the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. If you follow the yellow trail, it will take you to the Mexiko quarry where political prisoners worked in barbaric conditions in the 1950s and to the Malá Amerika flooded quarry.


The Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV built the gothic castle of Karlštejn. In 1348 as a place for safekeeping the royal treasures, namely the collection of 129 panel paintings by Master Theodoric situated in the Chapel of Holy Cross (The largest in the world) and the largest portrait gallery of Czech monarchs.

These caves situated 14km from Řevnice, in the Bohemian Karst protected landscape area. They were discovered in 1950 and opened for the public in 1959. The cave system was formed in Devonic limestone some 400 million years ago, in three levels with denivelation exceeding 70m. Their total length is over 2km, the route accessible to the public is about 590m long and the tour takes one hour.

Tourist Trails
You will find a large number of tourist trails of all kinds and suitable for everyone. There are almost one hundred kilometers of marked trails with panels offering botanical, geological, ecological or paleontological information. The region offers over one hundred kilometers of cycling paths to which new stretches are being added all the time.  For hikers there are hundreds of marked tourist trails. Horse-riding and water routes are available for those who don’t enjoy hitting the grit.


The capital city of Prague is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It offers countless cultural monuments (Prague Castle, Old Town, Jewish Quarter,
Vyšehrad Castle…) as well as a number of public gardens and parks. While walking along Prague you can visit one of the dozens of theatres, concert halls and galleries or sit down your friends in a pub, bar, disco bar or other establishment.

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